TO be a woman in the era of

celebrity pornographic economic crisis

Anyone can get in to your ass

when you walk hungry in the streets

Ready for all candy

Going to there  place at three in the morning to drink vodka

It makes them feel good to enter you from behind

to plant in you a piece of hell

Of misunderstanding and non Love

It makes them feel good if it does you good and you want more

Loving them from afar like a whore

Not like mom or the beautiful girl that they are not allowed to touch

You Still didnt learned the inaccessible position

And it's hard especially when inside you carry

a deep debt of love.

And you wake up at your mothers home, a woman of thirty-two

.With an addiction to cleanliness and an innocent soul.

Do not wander the streets alone, do not drink, do not get lost

And If someone gets into your body after he said he will not care

And will not love, remember that you are

a woman in a pornographic

Celebrity with emotional and economic crisis

And there is nothing you can do but Write about it.

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