The distance

The distance from you was tangible as glass drown

Over flesh. If my blood erupt

You will be the one who will make me laugh.

I do not scare you. Leaving you would create hell

The darkness of the city whisper a distance

From your flesh.

In front of the letters I am naked

Like that time I laid in bed and cry'd

And you soaked my body with a towel all wet

And I thought I would die if you didn’t leave.

Your voice was a rope around my neck

I went to the shower and the rope is dragging around my leg.

I wanted to paint the wall yellow

You waited for me in bed. I wished you disappear

So I could be someone else

And you painted the walls purple

And the bedroom in light blue

And the Childs room in pink

And on the wall of her room

We discovered the name you had given her

Carved in ancient Latin letters

And you knew you had witching spells

And I knew that too.


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