Do you remember that crazy night?

When I made everyone listen to my poems

And then came up to you and kissed you on the lips?

You didn't know who I was. That is to say we hadn't met. I'd only seen you

Standing in the corner talking to some professor

With black circles under your eyes.

Black circles .That make me want to smoke something really strong when I remember them

.Maybe because I rolled cigarettes for the entire room that nigh

.Then you took me to your place. Even though I didn't want that

You listened to my poems on your car's player

.And when we got to the apartment you revealed yourself to be a vampire

.You sat on the sofa looking so sad

You sank into the bottom of some pit inside of yourself

.And I didn't want to come to you

.I told you I had someone else

.To this day I regret saying that to you

Not hugging you. Not kissing you

not diving into your abyss and filling it with all of me. with my poems.

With everything you were frightened to look at for more than one night

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