Suddenly there was a rainbow in the sky
And Sophia lifted up her children and yelled
What a lovely day! The sun is shining and rain is falling
And in the sky a rainbow glows!
All morning she stole clothes
That is what Sophia knows
She herself is very poor
She steals clothes from thrift stores
But cannot stand the rob in her wardrobe
She has a conscience, she has a high opinion of herself
She hands them out to women left in the cold
She always dreamt of being Robin Hood
Sophia never wished to complain
Complaints might murk the clear water
That dove into her during childhood
But the fire that blew her up
The fire that changes inside of her into a caged owl
Poetry will have no place being beautiful
If Sophia does not quit cursing, betrayal will be certain
She dreamt of being Robin Hood
Being just another woman wouldn't do


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