I'll be better now

I'll be at the end of a night of love. I will kiss strangers,

The man helped me to Keep away from death

I'll be better.

I will reduce myself and will not use any more drugs.

I am making love with a man

Who Does not know anything about me

I am Lying with a man who does not Know my name

But in the evening, on the boulevard, briefly

My fingernails Passed over his arm

Only for the purpose of life I came to him

Disturbed like an unfinished poem

And he is in no hurry and moves over me slowly

Take out the pins from my hair one by one

Scattering my hair on the pillow

CROWN it like a trophy in his arms.

I felt his body is not familiar with such love

Because otherwise carved her place in his arms.

But even in her absence she was present

And I'm just a guest and not invited

To engrave my place on his flesh. I closed my eyes

I circled my hands around his neck

Moved by the warmth of his movements

But in the Same time

Prevented from believing in his love

It's just an hallucination

A reflection of a reflection of love.

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