Translated from the Hebrew by Mitch Ginsburg


Every summer human sacrifices are brought before the earth

And there's a great need for consolation and evasion.

Twenty-thousand people escorted the lone soldier to rest

A long convoy bore Sergeant Sean Carmeli to the earth.

Twenty thousand people strode behind and alongside him

Taking his beautiful body far from the lips of the girls.

War is the season of sacrifice,

The world watches us on screens.

We are a summer war movie, hostages of the government and arms dealers,

 of ignorance of the Arabic language and the silence between us and them.

And already more than twenty-thousand twenty-year olds have been killed,

At the peak of their love for life, at the summit of their longing for love.

How compelled is man to stray from himself

And disperse among the masses.

מודעות פרסומת